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Why Should You Choose FRP?

By Stephanie Miller / March 26, 2021 /

Every project has its specific needs, and your next project may benefit from more modern wall paneling solutions. Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is a great option for anyone looking for cost-effective and durable wall protection.  The Miller Paneling team has been working in the wall paneling industry for over 30 years now and we work…

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Cleanroom Solutions for Every Need & Budget

By Stephanie Miller / March 18, 2021 /

Finding a cleanroom solution that meets the requirements of a project and stays within the budget can be very challenging.  At Miller Paneling Specialties we take a consultative approach to help you resolve this dilemma.  We work with some amazing products that are supplied by fantastic suppliers.  Each one has specific properties that provide opportunities…

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Miller Paneling Specialties’ Women In Construction

By Stephanie Miller / March 11, 2021 /

Whether they are framing a new house, creating stone structures, or creating the most cutting edge design, women have always left their mark on the construction industry. While it has traditionally been male-dominated, the presence of women in the field is steadily increasing and cannot be overlooked.  Women in Construction Throughout History While the headlines…

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How To Bring Visual Appeal To Your Business

By Stephanie Miller / February 23, 2021 /

Sprucing up the walls in your home or business is not limited to only paint or wallpaper. Decorative wall paneling can be a great solution to add visual appeal to any space.  When you hear the term “wall paneling”, the immediate thought may be that it is outdated and boring, but that is far from…

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The Importance of Quality Materials: Introducing The LINEAGE PRO Line

By Stephanie Miller / February 19, 2021 /

Whether starting from the ground up or remodeling an existing structure, the materials chosen for your project are of the utmost importance. The rebar, lumber, and flooring down to the finishing touches, every material selected needs to be a high quality product that will stand the test of time, and your choice of wall covering…

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The Cleanest Choice for Your Business: Lineage Pro HYG

By Stephanie Miller / February 11, 2021 /

The times we are living in require everyone to be cognizant of the need to take hygiene and safety into consideration in every aspect of their business. While ensuring employees and customers sanitize or wash their hands and wear proper protection is a very important piece of the puzzle, cleanliness can be addressed on an…

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Why Stainless Steel is Ideal For Busy Businesses

By Stephanie Miller / February 3, 2021 /

When someone walks into your business, you want to make sure you have put your best foot forward so that everything looks well maintained, clean, and professional. You have one chance to make a good first impression. Ensuring your building is aesthetically pleasing doesn’t just have to do with your cleaning schedule or decor, it…

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Hermetic Mobility / Biomedhelix Vaccine Units

By Stephanie Miller / January 26, 2021 /

The Problem With the entire world being hit with a major pandemic in 2020, it has made this year a roller coaster for everyone. Thankfully, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as the COVID-19 vaccine is being released.  There have been so many quick pivots that have had to…

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Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

By Brittany / December 18, 2020 /

Job Name: Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, Harwich, MAContractor: Brait Brothers Corporation Interior Decorative Wall System completed by the Northeast Custom Wall System Team Cape Cod Regional Technical High School which will be a three-level, 220,880 gsf technical high school designed for 650 students.

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Davita Dialysis Center – Lutherville, MD

By Brittany / June 16, 2020 /

High-class wall protection and high-grade wall covering provides a great protective environment for a dialysis center. Although Miller Paneling Specialties cannot go through the process of dialysis for this Center’s patients, at least we can provide the essential wall covering that helps maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and enjoyable scenery.

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Thrive – Cape Coral, Florida

By Stephanie Miller / May 26, 2020 /

Work Completed by our Florida Crew:Benjamin Ruiz, Craig Martin, Junior Ruiz, Brandon and Martin Huyskens. Wall Protection Inpro and FRP NUDO in the kitchen.

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