What We are Looking For

We are looking to hire skilled Carpenters/Installers experienced in working with Fiberglass Reinforced Panels, Poly Vinyl Chloride Panels, Stainless steel, Arcoplast, Altro Products, handrails, corner guards, and crash rails.” -This should be a permanent general listing, as we are always looking to recruit talented Carpenters.


The HR Team at Miller Paneling


Michael Scaglione

Human Resources Manager

A Bronx native focused on creating a strong workplace culture. Michael serves as team lead on recruiting and onboarding new hires, payroll & benefit administration, and as the point of contact for all employee Human Resource needs.


Phone: 860-210-6035 ex1008
Email: [email protected]

Muhammad Asif Miller Panneling

Muhammad Asif

Contract Accountant
& Certified Payroll Specialist

Muhammad has a diversified working experience in Banking, Accounting, and Management. He believes in critical decision making that helps the organization grow.

Phone: 860-210-6035 ex205
Email: [email protected]

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