The Cleanest Choice for Your Business: Lineage Pro HYG

The times we are living in require everyone to be cognizant of the need to take hygiene and safety into consideration in every aspect of their business. While ensuring employees and customers sanitize or wash their hands and wear proper protection is a very important piece of the puzzle, cleanliness can be addressed on an even more basic level. 

The material you choose to finish your walls can have an incredible impact on destroying pathogens. Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies are no longer the only facilities using cleanrooms.

The Cleanroom Solution 

Miller Paneling has taken special care to create a top-grade solution for any business needing a cleanroom. We wanted to create a sustainable and cost-effective product that holds up throughout years of wear and cleaning. 

Our Lineage Pro HYG system is the perfect answer for companies that want to take special care to keep their buildings spotless. Our cleanrooms help maintain a sterile environment that is great for hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, clinics, sterile environments, and more. This system kills or inhibits the growth of a wide variety of pathogens on contact including Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistant enterococci, mold, and fungi. 

Additional Benefits

Some highlighted features include: 

  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Virtually seamless once assembled
  • Zero grime-harboring cracks or crevices
  • Tough – scratch, dent, and chemical resistant
  • Meets strict JIS Z 2801/ISO 22196 standards
  • Certified lead free
  • 20 year limited warranty

Proven Results

In clinical testing, the Lineage Pro HYG paneling system destroyed 99.99% of the bacteria and mold it was exposed to it over a 24-hour period. The results of the testing showed that Lineage Pro HYG panels demonstrate high antimicrobial activity. Use of Lineage Pro HYG paneling systems, along with an adequate cleaning regime, would significantly reduce microbial and dangerous pathogen growth.