Hermetic Mobility / Biomedhelix Vaccine Units

The Problem

With the entire world being hit with a major pandemic in 2020, it has made this year a roller coaster for everyone. Thankfully, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as the COVID-19 vaccine is being released. 

There have been so many quick pivots that have had to be made by business owners over the last year in order to keep their employees and customers safe while ensuring their company remains profitable. One huge consideration that has been taken into account is the downtime experienced when an employee is absent from work when they need to be tested and possibly quarantined. Now that vaccinations are being made available, the dilemma of organizing the distribution and administration has come into the picture.

Hermetic Mobility Vaccine Units

The Solution

Hermetic Mobility has partnered with Biomedhelix to assist Pharma vaccine suppliers, Governments, and Interest Groups with solutions in response to the worldwide drive for vaccine rollout. These mobile vaccine facilities are designed to be brought to a specific location, similar to any other kind of container drop.

Everything from the design and manufacturing to the delivery and logistics systems has been carefully produced by Hermetic Mobility and Biomedhelix. Vaccine Facilities are fully equipped with the cryogenic technology that is needed for transport, storage, vaccine thawing, administering, and patient wellness. 

The full setup of a COVID-19 Vaccination Center can treat up to 400 patients per day. It provides facilities for patient anamnesis, data capturing, and administering of vaccinations with an average time of 15 minutes per person. That means your employees can receive the vaccination, recover, and be back to work in less time than it takes to eat their lunch.

Hermetic Mobility Vaccine Unit

Additional Benefits

  • Complete solutions for all types of vaccines
  • Collection of vaccines from supplier’s distribution hubs with HMA / Biomedhelix cryogenic transport trucks
  • Solutions for patient screening, data collection, storage, vaccine thawing rooms, and administering of vaccines for patients
  • Medical worker facilities including rest areas, ablutions, and general staff wellness facilities
  • HEPA filtration and industry-leading HVAC systems
  • Drive-through facilities available
  • Each modular facility is capable of the storage of many thousands of vaccines
Hermetic Mobility Vaccine Unit Interior

A Perfect Partnership

The creation and logistics of the distribution of these vaccines is incredibly intricate, but with an abundance of expertise in their respective fields, this was a natural partnership. 

Hermetic Mobility is an industry leader in modular medical facilities in the healthcare and medical arena. They provide clinics and hospitals and even unique facilities with user-driven specifications. 

Biomedhelix contributes with their expertise in the design of and implementation of cryogenic, cold chain equipment and supplies. 

Combined, these companies bring immense experience that lends to a complete end-to-end solution. They also have hubs that are strategically positioned for land and sea distribution of vaccination facilities to anywhere in the world. This is an essential piece to the puzzle that allows for smooth delivery to all facilities.

Hermetic Mobility Logistics, Storage And Administering Flow Diagram

How Do We Fit In?

Here at Miller Paneling Solutions, we are proud to be able to supply Hermetic Mobility and Biomedhelix with the paneling needed to construct these Vaccine Facilities. We believe that these facilities are the perfect solution for any company or group that is looking for the most seamless way to make sure their people are safe, healthy, and able to get back to normal for everyone’s benefit. 

If you would like more information, please visit Hermetic Mobility’s site here.

Hermetic Mobility Vaccine Pod