Miller Paneling Specialties’ Women In Construction

Whether they are framing a new house, creating stone structures, or creating the most cutting edge design, women have always left their mark on the construction industry. While it has traditionally been male-dominated, the presence of women in the field is steadily increasing and cannot be overlooked. 

Women in Construction Throughout History

While the headlines about women in the industry today may be surrounding the immense growth in numbers, there is still a long history of women in construction. In Medieval Times, women worked in the field doing tasks such as carrying water, digging ditches, and mixing mortar. There were also some who were able to learn masonry, carpentry, or other crafts from their fathers or husbands. In these times it was considered socially unacceptable to record construction work by women as “wage-earning work,” so it was not uncommon for them to be left off official records. This does make it difficult to know the exact numbers, but it is apparent that there was a female presence in the industry. 

After the Industrial Revolution, the demand for labor increased in the construction industry, and women were able to gain work without as much social condemnation. By the late 19th century, the first women engineers and architects began to emerge such as Emily Warren Roebling who directed construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the most important times for women in construction was World War II. While men fought on the front lines, women were employed in areas that were previously considered unsuitable for them. They filled positions such as welders, crane operators, and electrical engineers. Unfortunately, when men returned from the war, women were removed from these positions. This played a major part in sparking the feminist movements of the 1960s. It wasn’t until midway through the ‘60s that the first law was passed to protect women in the workforce. Years later in 1979, Barbara Res was appointed as the first foreman to oversee a major American construction project from groundbreaking to completion.  

The Women of MPS

With March being Women’s History Month, we wanted to take some time to put a spotlight on the fantastic women we have here at Miller Paneling Specialties.

Stephanie Miller – Owner

Christine Alicea – Business Development – Northeast Region

Christine has successfully worked with clients such as Range Rover and companies such as Prada and Tiffany & Co. She is readily available to offer solution-based services &  alternatives for projects in the Healthcare & Education markets.

Kayla Broughton – Miller Paneling Specialties – Project Engineer

Kayla is a recent Sacramento State Graduate, go Hornets, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications.  She has been in management for over 8 years now and is loving the construction industry!

Honorable Mentions:

Brandy Huyskens – MPS South East Business Development

Debby Sullivan – MPS Estimator

Emilia Sloane – Miller Paneling Specialties – Project Manager

Samantha Hazelwood – Miller Paneling Specialties – Nor Cal Business Development

Robin Blair –Miller Paneling Specialties – CFO

Terri Parker  – Miller Paneling Specialties – HR

Iqra Harrison – Miller Paneling Specialties – Contract Accounts Manager

Kara Schroeder – MPS – Contract Accounts Assistant

Vanessa Herrero – Miller Paneling Specialties – Administrative Assistant – So Cal

These women are truly an integral part of our company, and we are honored to be working alongside them.