Cleanroom Solutions for Every Need & Budget

Finding a cleanroom solution that meets the requirements of a project and stays within the budget can be very challenging.  At Miller Paneling Specialties we take a consultative approach to help you resolve this dilemma.  We work with some amazing products that are supplied by fantastic suppliers.  Each one has specific properties that provide opportunities to help us design a solution that fits what you and the project owner need.

We have created four different categories to help ensure we find the best fit for your project. There are multiple options in each of these categories that you can choose from. 


We have three options in the first category. The AWS Lineage Pro is a PVC 2mm panel that has great features including coloring fast, printable surface, and different finishing options.  This line has a lot of options to best fit that tight budget solution for rooms that need a clean look, but the hygienic property and sealing requirements are low. 

Like the Lineage PRO, Altro’s Puragard is a 2mm PVC panel with similar features. This product is not as glossy as the Lineage Pro, but it has the same features and benefits. Again, this is a great low-cost solution to fit the specific needs of your cleanroom.

NUDO FRP has been around for a long time and is a trusted solution to the low-cost end of cleanroom solutions. This product has all the usual benefits trusted by customers for many years and is ideal for new or retrofit construction. 

Here are the most popular application areas for these products:

  • Commercial Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Kitchen/Food Prep Areas
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants


There are two options in the better category. Palram’s Duraclad interlocking wall and ceiling liner panels feature a multiwall structure that results in a high level of rigidity and strength and allows for rapid installation. These interlocking tongue & groove edges permit fasteners to be completely hidden, resulting in a clean, smooth finish. 

The need for a clean environment is met with NUDO UtiLite. This product is made of easy-to-maintain interlocking wall and ceiling panels. The interlocking nature of the panels offers a near seamless appearance. These versatile panels can be installed quickly, both vertically or horizontally, directly to studs or to any substrate.

The ideal applications for these products are as follows: 

  • Grow Rooms
  • Processing Plants
  • Car Washes
  • Greenhouses 
  • Cleanroom Applications


There are three product lines that we would consider the “best” options. AWS Sempra is an 8.5mm product designed for strength, full hygienic features, and installation benefits all in one. Sempra offers a beautiful, bright clean hermetic finish that can be applied over existing infrastructure for rebuilds or directly to studs on new builds. 

Another AWS Product, the Lineage Pro HYG line, is a step up from the regular Lineage PRO and has a 2.5mm panel that has the full hygienic properties on its face for a full hygienic wall solution. The panels are sealed with either a hot welded seam or a cold chemical bonded seam for a complete sealed room solution. 

Again like Lineage PRO HYG, Altro Whiterock has all the features to hygienically seal a clean room for those areas where a complete seal is required. Whiterock has a solid name in the market in these solutions.

Here are some of the top applications for these products:  

  • Clean Room Systems
  • Research/Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Food Processing 
  • Pharma Manufacturing 
  • Healthcare 


Finally, we have three more options for anyone looking for the ultimate “forever product” that looks beautiful. Arcolpast offers the Acrolyl panel system that is carefree, easy to clean, and easy to maintain long term even when changes are made to a room. It can be completely and seamlessly repaired back to its original look making it the premium product for biocontainment, healthcare, and research facilities.

Adding strength to all the benefits of the Arcoplast panels is a second premium option, the Glass Fiber Reinforced MAT Core (GFRMC) product that has a fiberglass interior for impact strength.  The reparability is the same and is the best forever type product on the market.

Like FRP, stainless steel cleanrooms have been around for a long time.  The combination of metal strength with the stainless clean surface allows for easy cleaning and strength resistance combined.

Here are some ideal uses for these premium products: 

  • Bio-Safety Labs
  • Cleanroom Systems
  • Research/Pharmaceutical Facilities 
  • Healthcare  

More Information 

All of these systems come with the Miller Paneling Specialties 35 years of experience that translates into a practical solution that not only looks beautiful but has all the features and benefits required for cleanroom solutions wherever and for whatever they are designed for.

If you would like the full details on each of these products, please download the brochure here.

We would love to work with you in navigating a solution for your next project. Contact us for advice on your next project.